Premises Liability

Most businesses who own or operate out of a brick-and-mortar location, such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, medical facilities, commercial offices, building owners, and management companies know that accidents happen. The majority of accidents do not result in lawsuits, but some do. There are also frivolous lawsuits that are started by plaintiffs who allege that they were injured on your premises, for which you need a defense.

When that happens, The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano is well-versed in all aspects of premises liability litigation, so as to provide the highest level of defense to our clients, in a cost-effective manner. The knowledge, skill and diligence of Cheryll’s practice is translated into the successful defense of our clients. We look to resolve the case at each step of the legal process, so as to pass these litigation cost-savings on to you.

There are many types of accidents which fall under the category of “premises liability,” including slip-and-falls, snow and ice issues, negligent security, elevator, escalator, and lift incidents, door strike events, parking lot and sidewalk accidents, and display, equipment, shopping cart, merchandise and counter occurrences. Details of a case such as the nature of the alleged condition, contractual obligations to patrons, guests, or invitees on the premises, and notice of the alleged condition are important to how a case is handled.

At The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano, we understand and are proficient with the intricacies of premises liability law in New York so as to efficiently and properly analyze case exposure, craft a defense, and work with our clients to obtain a favorable outcome.

Let The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano bring its skill in defending premises liability cases to you.

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