Medical Malpractice

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals devote their careers to assisting those in medical need. Unfortunately, it is a fact that these same professionals, together with hospitals, skilled nursing and hospice facilities, home care agencies, as well as their employees are frequent targets of medical malpractice litigation.

We understand that an allegation of malpractice against a physician, nurse, facility or other healthcare professional is seen as a personal attack on that practitioner’s abilities, decisions, and actions. It can put a physician’s reputation, career, and possibly license at risk. Also, a lawsuit may disrupt a physician’s business in terms of time away from his/her duties or practice.

At The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano, we believe in a tried and true method for defending such cases – meticulous preparation, a thorough understanding of the legal issues involved, and a grasp of the underlying medicine indicated in each case. We explore all available options in the defense of our clients.

Let The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano work for you to keep you working at your chosen profession – healthcare.

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