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The most common legal issue facing business owners, small and large alike, are contract disputes. Most often these arise when the parties to a contract fail to adhere to a term, which results in a dispute, perhaps even litigation. Many small and middle market business owners negotiate and execute faulty and poorly-worded contracts rather than having a knowledgeable lawyer review it first, with an eye towards cost-savings. This is often a costly risk which could and should be avoided.

At The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano, our mission is to help these business owners correct such an issue. We offer a better solution – effective, low-cost, practical contract preparation, plus review and/or negotiation before the parties sign on the dotted line. Each business is unique as to their needs, history, concerns, financial situation, and attitude towards dispute resolution. Should a contract challenge arise, such as the need to enforce terms for sales, services rendered, or payments required, we can assist in navigating the legal terrain, at any stage, so as to resolve the issues in a diligent, timely and cost-effective manner.

Rather than waiting to get paid for services your company provided, or goods sold, at some unspecified time in the future, let The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano help you to negotiate with the delinquent creditor and work to get you paid.

Recognizing that the best solution to resolve issues may not always be litigation, we provide consulting services to craft creative and innovative approaches to avoid the courtroom and help clients to achieve their goals.

Of course, should such efforts not produce the result sought by our client, we stand ready to provide quality legal representation, capitalizing on specific contract clauses and the actions of the parties to the contract.

Let The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano assist you in your business needs.

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