Elevator Accident Litigation

Elevators and escalators are commonplace in New York. In fact, in New York City, where many people do not have cars, more individuals are conveyed via elevators and escalators than any other form of transportation. Unfortunately, that amount of usage will inevitably lead to accidents and claims of injuries from passengers.

At The Law Office of Cheryll L. Corigliano, Cheryll is proficient in elevator and escalator litigation. In fact, she has been invited to give seminars to several insurance carriers and third party administrators on topics ranging from general elevator, escalator and lift litigation, to the effects of various case law developments on relevant pending claims/cases in the vertical transportation genre.

This area of law is ever-evolving, and requires a knowledgeable, well-versed, diligent litigator to navigate its intricacies. Cheryll is familiar with the arguments and motions to make at every stage of a vertical transportation litigation. She is proficient with understanding the differences between the various types of contracts involved. Cheryll knows which experts to use for the effective defense of her clients. She is skilled with preparing a case, step-by-step from its inception, towards a successful summary judgment motion, mediation or trial.

If you have an elevator or escalator on your property, and have been sued, or you are a business owner of an elevator maintenance, consulting, testing, or modernization company, you need Cheryll and her firm for reliable representation.

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